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Racing Pro 2.1, Black

Our lightest and most advanced platform series the Racing Pro 2.1 is built to withstand the rigors of competition yet provide you with precise air tunable support with an integrated pump and release valve. At a weight of 248g the Pro 2.1 is competitive with current elite racing saddles yet far more comfortable due to our unique AirSpan™ system.

Tech Specs

Cover Durable microporous composite cover breathes for cool comfort
Abrasion resistant material protects side scuff zones
Fabric Span Durable woven fabric with water-resistant nano-tech coating
Air Cushion Inflatable air cushion with built-in pump / release valve
Allay Foam Lightweight, high density, quick rebound, durable,
temperature endurance formula
Shell Carbon composite shell
Rail Tubular titanium rails
Quick Click System (QCS) Mount for RedLite UFO mini or Topeak® wedge packs
Gender Unisex
Size (L x W) 290 x 145 mm
Weight (Approx.) 248 g
Art no. ARP-M21
Riding Style
Racing Sport
Racing Sport Casual
deg30 deg45 deg75

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Air Cushion and Pump

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